SAN DIEGO — Four children, ages four and under, are in need of one forever family. The two oldest will have you seeing double-- they're adorable twin sisters, who love to sing. 

During our playdate at the park, sisters Shannel and Shantel sang "Shallow", the popular duet by Lady Gaga and Bradley Cooper. Their foster mom says the 4-year-old sisters love to sing in unison; it's like listening to them in stereo. 

To see these twins so active and happy now, it's difficult to believe they were once non-verbal. Protective Services Worker Lizbeth Romero said when she first met the girls, they were very quiet and shied away from almost all social interaction.

"They have been able to overcome a lot of the trauma they've experienced," she said.

Just one year ago, Shannel and Shantel were removed from their home, along with their 2-year-old sister Alice and their 1-year-old baby brother Gilnoel. 

"Before, they really couldn't be in a crowd or at a park, because strangers were a big thing to them, they would hide and run right away. Now, they're singing and so social, so they've been able to show so much progress in their home," Romero said.

Over the past year, all four siblings have been living together in a foster home. Their social worker says they're now thriving with the support of their foster family. 

"I walk into their home, and they're [like] 'hi, how are you today?', Romero said. "And they're always very excited to meet people, to see people and introduce themselves as Coco and Shantee."

They call themselves by their nicknames, because they used to get confused due to the similarities of their own names. Shannel calls herself Coco, after Coco Chanel, and Shantee is short for Shantel. 

Their social worker says they're also very bonded with their younger sister Alice and their baby brother Gilnoel, which is why she'd like all four children to be able to stay together in one foster home. 

"They have a very strong sibling bond. They're able to thrive even more with each other," Romero explained, "That's part of their identity-- their siblings-- so that is my goal to be able to find them a family that will be able to adopt all four of them." 

If you are interested in adopting or becoming a foster family, please call 1-877-792-KIDS (5437) or visit the San Diego County Adoptions' home page 

News 8 would like to thank local photographer Margery Squier from Squier Photos for volunteering her time to take the Heart Gallery portraits you saw in the story.