SAN DIEGO — As students demonstrate a robotic arm they have engineered and the app they developed, parents are also delving into the wonders of science by conducting their own experiments. 

One parent said she had been told not to mix coke and pop rocks, but this program finally allowed her to do it!

UC San Diego’s Sally Ride Science Program offers free parental workshops filled with hands-on experiments and the tools to “talk science” with their kids. Jessica Young says it is important for parents to be learners as well as teachers. Especially since a lot of kid’s technology-use surpasses the adults.

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The goal is not for parents to teach science, but to embrace it without fear or intimidation.

A recent study conducted by Microsoft revealed that girls in particular lose interest in science due to lack of parental and adult support. The program aims to help parents empower their child’s lifelong curiosity and wonder.  

Assistant Dean of UC San Diego Extension said, “the more we can cultivate a love of science a love of science learning and engagement in science, the more likely we will have more kids, especially girls going into STEAM professional careers and to pursue these kinds of majors in college."