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Jason Mraz: From Grammys to going green

Jason Mraz: From Grammys to going green

RANCHO BERNARDO, Calif. (CBS 8) - News 8 fot the chance to talk with local singer-songwriter Jason Mraz, who just won his first two Grammys, about his green road from awards to avocados.

Mraz won for best male pop vocal and best pop collaboration with Colbie Callait.

"Grammy night was amazing, you know, honestly I didn't expect to win anything. Just being in this is the reward," he said.

The ever-mellow, happy-go-lucky crooner got the news he had won both Grammys he was nominated for 2010-style.

"We got halfway down the red carpet and my mom texted us saying 'You won them both!'" Mraz said.

The ever-gracious Mraz was stunned.

"I was like, wow, the industry is really welcoming me here," he said.

Not only has the industry welcomed him, fans love him. He's also made quite a statement on the red carpet by going green.

"At the Grammys I wore an Eco-Tux. I found a designer that specializes in fully sustainable fabrics. My suit was made out of recycled polyester which was mostly plastic water bottles," he said. "The best piece of the suit was the tie, made of recycled cassette tapes."

Mraz, originally from Virginia, now resides in San Diego's North County and is proving to be not only a Grammy award-winning singer-songwriter and surfer, but an eco-friendly avocado farmer too.

"As a farmer, I'm noticing a lot more water shortages as well as an increase in water prices. Water conservation is a huge thing. As a homeowner I started to notice how much energy I was consuming, how much waste was going out of the home," he said.

One could sense Jason's excitement when he talks about being eco-friendly.

"That's what I really get excited about at home, about harvesting my own energy. If I end up with plastic bags coming in, they're going to stay in and I'm going to use them somehow. It actually becomes quite a fun project. Next year I'm wearing nothing but plastic bags," he said.

As a result of his success in the music industry, Mraz has taken advantage of the opportunity to afford alternative resources.

He's currently developing a neighborhood conglomerate, all eco-friendly, to come up with a plan for other communities wanting to go green.