It could surprise you - a fish that swims by bouncing along the ocean floor like a rubber ball. But this frog fish is actually a new species. Scuba divers found it off an island in Indonesia.

You'll find as many colors and creative designs on this fish as you would at the Woodstock Festival in 1959. Few people would see this species because it spends most of its life tucked away under rocks and crevices, but divers discovered it a little more than a year ago in a busy harbor in Indonesia.

University of Washington professor Ted Peach named this species H. psychedelica because of its wild pattern and striking blue eyes.

"The frog fish, otherwise known as histeano frionee psychidelica, is a new species described by a friend of ours, Ted Peach, who is the worlds expert on angler fish," Scripps senior museum scientist H.J. Walker said.

Like other frog fish, it has fins on both sides of its body that are more leg-like and gets around by hopping along the ocean floor.

Scripps Institution of Oceanography has a name-a-species program in place to support its collections. The next time scientists discover a new worm or fish, you can pay to have it named after you.