SAN DIEGO (CBS 8) - All around San Diego Saturday people are taking time to honor the men and women who have served in our military and made the ultimate sacrifice.

Many met at the Veteran's Museum at Balboa Park for the tribute.

"The reason that we read the names, even though it may seem to be repetition and that's not important, it really is for us to remember those who are not here," said David Ellsworth, Treasurer for the Vietnam Veterans of America.

It's the first of three days of veteran observances where names will be read.

"We want everybody to have a great time and enjoy their weekend, but remember there is a little bit more to it than just going to the beach or having a nice barbecue," Ellsworth said.

At Fort Rosecrans National Cemetery, Meredith Stowell couldn't walk by without straightening up each flag. 

"Many of these men and women lived very disciplined lives, and it's important to them to have the flags very straight," Stowell said.

Meredith's children helped place flags in front of all the headstones Saturday morning with the boy and girl scouts of San Diego.

It was important for Navy Veteran Edward Barr to stop by his father Lawrence's grave.

"Since there are 64,000 people around me right now in the Ft. Rosecrans Cemetery, I feel I am surrounded by some of the most important people," Barr said.

Also important was the grave of 31-year-old Navy Seal Charles H. Keating IV.

Keating was killed in an ISIS attack three weeks ago. The Porter family came down from Orange County to pay their respects.

"Felt it was the proper thing to do to come out and bring some flowers and show the family that we are grateful for what their son did and he was an amazing Young man," Porter said.

Honoring those who gave the ultimate sacrifice, Kayla Crawley from Idaho toured the USS Midway with her family.

"To learn about the veterans so that they have the knowledge they need to know why we are free," Crawley said.

Along with hundreds sightseeing on the ship, Marine Veteran Arturo Chavez felt it was a perfect time to reflect.

"Basically reflecting back remembering all the people who have served in the Marine Corps, military, Navy and Army--all the branches and the patriotism they have for our country," he said.