SAN DIEGO — You may see brand new fighter jet flying over the freeway near MCAS Miramar.

The 3rd Marine Aircraft Wing welcomed the first F-35C Lightning II fighter jet to Miramar.

Lt. Col. Cedar Hinton, commanding officer of VMFA-314, flew the aircraft from Naval Air Station Lemoore, California to MCAS Miramar. “It should be no surprise that VMFA-314 is once again leading the way into the next generation of fighter attack aircraft,” said Hinton.

The F-35C is one of three variants fielded by the Department of Defense costing upwards of $89 million. It is a result of decades of advancements that provide aviation capabilities that many people thought was impossible. The “C” variant was designed to operate from an aircraft carrier and is the first 5th generation long-range stealth strike fighter jet designed for that mission.

The F-35C’s control surfaces and landing gear are better equipped for carrier operation than the other variants. The F-35C is equipped with larger internal fuel storage, which when combined with its ability to refuel in-flight, extends its range and allows for enhanced flight time when compared to other aircraft.