SAN DIEGO (CBS 8) - The red carpet is being rolled out for military veterans Wednesday.

UltraStar Cinemas in Mission Valley is hosting World War II POWs for a private screening of "Unbroken."

"I feel very good about it. I think it's great," WWII POW Sy Brenner said.

Dozens of POWs and their loved ones were invited to the screening. It's a biography about an Olympic track star named Louis Zamperini, who joined the military and was held as a prisoner of war in several Japan prison camps and survived to see the end of the war.

Our vets should get the VIP treatment everywhere they go, but unfortunately some of the other movie theaters in town turned them away when they wanted to see the flick together. The theaters couldn't accommodate the large crowd -- some with disabilities, mobility challenges and some suffering from post-traumatic stress disorders.

So when UltraStar Cinemas in Hazard Center found out, they decided to go above and beyond for our heroes and give them a free private showing as a "thank you" for their service and sacrifices.

"They deserve it. We wouldn't be here without the sacrifices they made for us and for our freedom. So it's the least we can do," Julie Bravo of UltraStar Cinemas said.

Wednesday's red carpet event included a welcome ceremony with a color guard and the National Anthem. The group of about 100 people got free popcorn and drinks, and counselors were on hand after the showing to talk about the movie as a form of therapy.