A local education program is bringing ocean creatures closer to kids who might not get the chance to learn about marine life in person. It's called Ocean In Motion.

The San Diego Oceans Foundation holds a Dive a Thon fundraiser every year. It's through that fundraiser that this organization is able to bring ocean education and live animals into the classroom - something you won't find in science books.

Students at Dewey Elementary are taking a field trip right inside their classroom. The San Diego Oceans Foundation brings underwater creatures to the surface in its Ocean in Motion program. Many of the students it serves have never been to the beach, not to mention have the opportunity to touch marine life.

"The more they know about these animals and the environments they live in the more they'll care about conserving them," said Cheryl Barnes with the San Diego Oceans Foundation.

So far it looks like these students are getting the message.

"Think of how many things we could do to help the environment. They taught us a lot about the ocean," said some of the students.

If you would like to participate in this year's SDOF Dive a Thon to support marine education in the classroom, click here.