SAN DIEGO — A Marine veteran is back in the United States after spending four days in a Mexican jail. 

Rob Thomas, a Marine veteran from Pacific Beach was in Baja over the weekend when he was involved in a rollover car accident that left his truck totaled and several people injured, according to a GoFundMe page created by the man's friend. 

His mother lives in Kansas and said the last time she heard from her son was on Sunday via text: "'Mom I was just in a horrific accident, I'm in Mexico and I'm terrified,'" said Pauline Thomas. 

Thomas was reportedly put into a Mexican jail after his insurance company said they would not cover the damage the accident caused because it happened outside the United States. In Mexico, if drivers do not have Mexican insurance and are at fault in an accident they have to pay the damage and medical bills. If not drivers can be jailed until the bills are paid. 

His friends said it was more than $20,000.

"It looked insurmountable. What are we going to do? How are going to get our son back?" said Pauline Thomas.

Thomas' girlfriend was with him during the crash, she was not detained. Family said she worked with them and friends to provide food to Thomas in jail and started a GoFundMe to  to help get him out of jail. 

"This basically was a hostage situation. They took him, they held him, and the only thing that would get him home is money," said Pauline. 

Thomas's friend Mikey "Beats" Beltran confirmed to News 8 that Thomas was released from the jail and crossed back into the United States on Thursday afternoon. 

His mother didn't want to disclose who paid or how much but said she was his first call when crossed back into the U.S.

"I'm in the United States. I'm ok. I don't want to talk long. I want to forget everything that happened. You will never believe the things I've been."

His mother said  her son is safe and home in Pacific Beach. His friends said he is expected to make a public statement on Friday. 

Rob Thomas returns to San Diego
Rob Thomas (left) with friend Mikey "Beats" Beltran after returning to San Diego
Mikey "Beats" Beltran

Beltran said Thomas went to his favorite taco shop - Ramiro's in PB - after getting back to San Diego. Beltran said his friend then returned home to rest.

Rob Thomas truck in Mexico
Rob Thomas's truck after rollover crash in Mexico
Mikey "Beats" Beltran
Rob Thomas
Bring Rob Thomas Home GoFundMe