Six months after the camp ripped fire through Paradise, California, destroying 90-percent of the town, the families who lived through it are still struggling to pick up the pieces.

Tyler Harrison, his wife and three of their kids lost everything in the fire, their home, completely burned to the ground.  

“A lot of people take things for granted and I think I took some things for granted – then that’s all wiped away. It’s hard it’s really hard.”

After the fire, the family relocated to San Diego to be near family. Both parents were born and raised here.

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“We stayed in one of my brother-in-law’s rooms for about four months - you know two dogs three kids and two adults

Harrison says the family was renting their home in Paradise and did not have fire insurance.

They pulled whatever money they had to get a house in Santee but when they literally lost everything they owned, starting over was a slow and emotionally draining process.   

Harrison was able to keep his job and work remotely - and his wife just started working this week.

While they still haven’t recovered financially, Harrison tries to focus on what the fire didn’t destroy: "We lived it, we survived and we’re still breathing.” 

The family has a GoFundMe account set up for anyone who wishes to help.