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Neighbors unsure of plans to move historic home in Little Italy to build apartment complex

Developer wants to move home to Barrio Logan and build 24-story apartment complex in its place.

SAN DIEGO — A plan to move a historic home from Little Italy to build a 24-story apartment complex is getting mixed reviews from people in the community.

"It's this little bitty hold out that will look silly next to other developments. By moving it we still have the history of the house in a nice neighborhood and will completely redo it so it will look beautiful and be a place someone else can live,” said Jonathan Segal of FAIA & Development Company.

He wants to move the home at 1620 Union Street to Newton Avenue in Barrio Logan.

“The property we purchased, there's a whole lot of other Victorian homes there so we will move this house there so it will be in harmony with its neighbors,” said Segal.

The apartment would have 73 units with eight designated for affordable housing. The idea isn't getting support from all San Diegans.

"I think we have plenty of high-rise apartments in downtown and I don't think we need any more or that anyone can really afford to live in them,” said Sascha Nolan, a native San Diegan.

While others said adding another complex downtown is a good idea.

"I personally moved into one of the newer buildings. I don't have much of a negative opinion on the newer developments,” said Yasmine Keasling, who lives in Little Italy. “I definitely think since housing is such an issue they have to build upward and can't really build anywhere else."

Community members still have time to voice their opinion about the project that's still under the city's consideration. 

The planning commission plans to hold a public hearing about the project May 19.

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