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Porch opera in North Park comes to an end

For weeks, crowds pulled up chairs and filled the streets and sidewalks to hear classically trained opera singer Victoria Robertson perform from her porch

SAN DIEGO — For the last 25 weeks, classically trained opera singer Victoria Robertson has traded in the stage, a curtain, and the spotlight for her front porch. Her North Park neighbors have pulled up chairs, grabbed a snack, and watched from below. 

The concerts have become exceedingly popular, drawing huge numbers of socially distanced people. Passersby have filled up the streets and the sidewalks to hear Robertson and a litany of other performers backing her up. 

“There was such a good reception that I'll treat it like a concert,” said Robertson. “I’ll dress up in my finest. I’ll invite guest musicians. It’s been such a lovely experience for me.”  

Though the shows have been a ringing success, Sunday was the last time Robertson performed from her little blue house on the hill. 

“My landlord is putting my house up on the market,” she said. “I’ve lived in North Park for 17 years.” 

For Robertson, it's more than just the performing and the applause that gives her joy, it’s the community she’s tied closer together and their appreciation that picks her up when times are darkest. 

“I knew when I had to leave North Park it would be a little sad to just leave and not have a known impact on my neighbors,” said Robertson. “This is sort of perfect. People are going to remember me which makes me feel special.”  

Though it’s curtains for the front porch concerts, she hopes that the sweltering Sunday performances gifted her neighbors the joy of music, during a dark time. 

“I’ll do whatever it takes to bring music to the people,” said Robertson. “They really need it to lift up their spirits and as performers, that’s our whole mission. What can we do to lift people up, that’s why we do what we do.”    

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