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Russian/Ukrainian couple have different perspectives but are united in their hope for peace

On Sunday, a peace rally at Balboa Park brought hundreds of people out.

SAN DIEGO COUNTY, Calif. — Many supporters of peace say Russians aren’t the enemy. In fact, many Ukrainians say they have the power to stop this war. 

On Sunday, a peace rally at Balboa Park brought hundreds of people out. 

This is Sasha Gershunov and Alina Dobrorodnieva. They’re a couple living here in San Diego.

As the war overseas continues, both came out to show support, but with different perspectives.

Aline is from Ukraine and Sasha is from Russia. For Alina, she’s praying for her family’s well being.

"My mother, my brother, his family are in Kyiv right now trying to survive the aggression. Not being able to sleep being very afraid for their lives," said Alina.

For Sasha, he’s rooting against his home country asking for the war and anger to end.

"Putin needs to be stopped, I hope this is the beginning of his downfall and the end of his regime in Russia," said Gershunov.

Both he and Alina's families came to the United States long ago, when the Soviet Union still existed.

Now, the two having created a family they're hoping for peace in Ukraine.

That message of love spread throughout each rally that CBS 8 has been to this week, people want to get the message across that there needs to be action and prayer for peace and of course a want for a peaceful resolution.

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