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Rancho Coastal Humane Society reminds people to not leave pets or children in hot cars

A child's body heats up 3 to 5x faster than adults and car temperatures can rise 19 degrees in 10 minutes.

SAN DIEGO — The inside of your car can jump to over 100 degrees in a matter of seconds.

"In the time it takes you to walk into a convenience store and get a soft drink; in minutes, the inside of your car can go from 80 to 110 degrees," said John Van Zante, Public Relations Officer for Rancho Coastal Humane Society. "The two points we want to make today are that the temperature rises really fast and it's quicker than most people think," 

That’s why the Rancho Coastal Humane Society held a demonstration Thursday to show the dangers of leaving pets and people inside cars during these hot summer months. 

"If you have a dog, a child, toddler, senior citizen, or someone sick or overweight; during that time, the temperature in that vehicle can rise to deadly level and that’s why we are here to warn people today, said Van Zante.

CBS 8 News Reporter Ariana Cohen joined a RCHS volunteer and sat inside a car without air conditioning. It only took a minute and half to reach 127 degrees. 

It's important to remember that a child's body heats up 3 to 5x faster than adults and car temperatures can rise 19 degrees in 10 minutes. According to the National Safety Council, 38 children die every year after being left in hot cars.

Twenty-three children died in 2021 after being left inside a hot car. So far, seven deaths have been reported this year. 

"I learned not to leave any animals or kids in the car unless the car is air conditioned so they don’t die," said a young student at the demonstration. 

“Because they might get over heated and they could get injured," said another student. 

So what should you do if you see a child or pet inside a hot car?

"If you see a child or pet in hot car, make sure the AC isn’t already on. Call out for owner, ask the store  make announcement, call 911, shoot video to have proof. Right to rescue doesn’t mean right to be stupid. Reach over and if the door is unlocked don’t use a crow bar, use common sense. Common sense can save lives," said Van Zante. 

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