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E-bike sales increase as gas prices soar to record highs in California

"I love it! It's good for business! Nobody likes to pay high gas prices," said OB E-Bike shop owner, Bill Connard.

SAN DIEGO — One look at the gas prices is bad news for California drivers. Many stations have gas priced at more than $5 per gallon.

"California is kicking me out with the gas prices. I will probably have to move and I've lived here all my life," said a San Diego driver. 

“I saw one place in Los Angeles that was $7 per gallon,” said James Green, San Diego driver. 

"$70 for one tank of gas," said another San Diego driver. 

"I remember when it was $0.35," said Charles Langley, Executive Director of Public Watchdogs. 

But for an Ocean Beach E-bike shop owner, high gas prices are good news.

"I love it! It's good for business! Nobody likes to pay high gas prices. I feel like every day we do more and more business with e-bikes because of the prices of gas," said Bill Connard, owner of OB E-Bikes. 

His electric bikes are priced under $2,000; a price tag shoppers are willing to pay to avoid the gas pump. 

“I'm just always looking around especially with gas prices lately," said Green while shopping for e-bikes.

"People are trading in the cars and getting E-bikes to get back and forth to work and avoid traffic. The e-bikes will get you 20 to 40 miles on a charge," said Connard.

According to GasBuddy, the lowest you’ll pay for gas is $4.84 at Sycuan Market in El Cajon.  

"The Russia invasion has sent all prices up. They have made it over $100, nearly $113 a barrel, something we haven’t seen in 11 years," said Anlleyn Venegas, AAA spokesperson. 

This means prices at the pump likely will not go down anytime soon.

Local experts have some tips on what you can do to save money at the pump.

"Different things drivers can do is make sure your tires are rotated regularly. At 5,000 miles, change your oil and change your filters. Also, change your driving habits," said Venegas.

"Go to independently owned gas stations. They tend to keep prices low: the unbranded and independent stations," said Langley.

Now if your car allows it, Langley says you can also get more bang for your buck by getting premium gas instead of regular. This can add a few more miles extra per gallon. 

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