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San Diego bar requiring proof of vaccination for indoor events and shows

Customers may show proof with the vaccination card or the digital copy on their cell phone.

SAN DIEGO — A San Diego bar says it will now require proof of vaccination for any show or event that’s held inside of its venue.

Urban Mo’s Bar and Grill in Hillcrest made the announcement today and is one of the first bars in San Diego to have the requirement.

Because of the rapid spread of the Delta variant, bars in other large cities like San Francisco and Los Angeles are requiring proof of vaccination. Now this trend is making it way to San Diego.

Urban Mo’s Bar and Grill posted this message on Instagram saying, for the safety of the community they serve, they will now require proof of vaccination and ID from anyone attending indoor shows and events at Mo’s.

“I think that it protects the people that want to be out and about and that are vaccinated. I actually had mine laminated front and back (shows vaccination card) and I’m willing to show it any time, any place not to have to wear a mask,” said Joe Turner, an Urban Mo’s customer.  

The CDC recently recommended that vaccinated and unvaccinated people wear a mask while indoors. But because you have to take off your mask to eat and drink, some in the restaurant and bar industry say requiring vaccination proof will improve safety. Just this week, the San Francisco Bar Owner Alliance and the city’s Mayor officially endorsed requiring proof of vaccination in bars.

“I trust people like Dr. Fauci who have studied this, who are 80 years old and has been doing this for 60 years. I trust those people,” said Mo's customer, Michael Fields. 

Still, there are millions of people who don’t want to get vaccinated. One customer at Mo’s says he understands the hesitancy but he believes to keep the virus from spreading, everyone has to agree to do their part by wearing a mask and getting vaccinated.

“President Trump has said get your vaccination. President Biden has said get your vaccination. They’re both vaccinated. It shouldn’t be a political thing,” Turner said. 

The message Mo’s posted says if you plan to attend events here, you can show proof with the vaccination card or the digital card that you have on your phone.

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