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San Diego city councilmember calls for moratorium on dockless scooters

In a statement, Councilwoman Barbara Bry said scooter companies are continuing to ignore new regulations and called for a moratorium.

SAN DIEGO — Could there soon be a temporary ban on all dockless scooters in the city of San Diego? That’s the hope of one San Diego city councilmember.   

Councilwoman Barbara Bry is calling for a moratorium so city leaders can figure out how to keep people on and around the two-wheeled rides safer. Bry’s call for a temporary ban comes a little less than a month after new scooter regulations went into effect in San Diego.  

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In a statement, Bry said scooter companies are continuing to ignore the regulations and called for a moratorium due to cluttered sidewalks and increased injuries.  

Surveillance footage has captured countless wipeouts with riders who are almost never wearing a helmet. Just last month, a 47-year-old tourist became the second person in San Diego to die after crashing on a scooter.  

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Doctors have previously talked with News 8 about the spike in emergency room visits and say more patients brought in for scooter incidents were not wearing a helmet.  

Still, there are those who support the electric scooter and bike share movement citing their eco-friendly aspects and tourism.  

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