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San Diego County giving out free pool alarms to prevent drowning incidents

According to the county, drowning is the number one cause of unintentional injury death for children ages 1-4.

SAN DIEGO COUNTY, Calif. — It's an alarm sound CALFIRE is hoping to save hundreds of lives this summer and beyond. The agency is giving away 400 of these pool alarms for free to homeowners with pools, all in an effort to save lives.

“This is one extra layer to help folks out, by letting them know when something falls in the pool,” said Thomas Shoots, Who is the Public Information Officer with CALFIRE.

The pool alarms work by detecting waves in your pool, triggered by children or animals falling in. Once it does that, it sets off the loud alarm in your pool and your home to get your immediate attention.

It’s a tool that Emily Friske says she would’ve wanted three years ago when her daughter nearly drowned.

Friske’s daughter Addie, had fallen into the backyard pool. She says her daughter was not breathing, had no heartbeat and she had turned blue.

Thankfully Addie survived after Friske and her husband quickly provided CPR, a traumatic event that Friske says needed therapy. 

That's why Friske is a strong advocate of these life-saving tools, but adds that being extra vigilant and knowing CPR is important too. 

The pool alarms being offered are first come, first serve.

“Our installers will come out, our county folks will come out free of charge to get it installed in the pool so it’s totally good to go,” said Shoots.

To apply for a pool alarm you can visit the San Diego County Fire website.

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