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San Diego Foundation steps up giving for local charities, programs during pandemic

The foundation has given out grants to help with housing and nutrition, and has helped to keep programs like STEM alive.

SAN DIEGO — Since the beginning of the pandemic, the San Diego Foundation has been giving away millions of dollars to worthy charities all over San Diego.

“We’re ensuring that individuals from small babies to older adults who oftentimes are facing very unique challenges related to everything from social isolation to security, food and health care.” said Katie Rast, the Director of the San Diego Foundation.

Since March 16, the foundation has raised $64 million dollars and given out 240 grants for charities. 

While many of these are for vital services like housing and nutritional support, a good amount of grants are for programs that might have been drastically cut without the support of the foundation, like programs ensuring STEM education for young San Diegans.

“We’ve recently granted $750,000 to thirteen local nonprofits, all of whom are working to ensure that local students who want to pursue STEM careers have the opportunity to do so.” Rast said.

Getting through the pandemic is hard, but the San Diego Foundation is making sure these organizations stay open, for the good of the city.

“We certainly look forward to getting back to normal,” said Rast. “We will continue to be a partner and working with many others within our county to support the needs of our region as they evolve.”

If you’d like to know more about the foundation or even pitch in, you can visit them at their website sdfoundation.org.

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