SAN DIEGO — A new gun ordinance passed by the City of San Diego Council that would require all San Diego gun owners to have their firearms under lock and key inside their homes will go into effect on Thursday.

JR Diaz who works at Honey Badger Firearms in Kearny Mesa said he doesn’t think the new ordinance will improve safety by much.

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“Being the fact that we already have a law in the books, it is just reiterating the fact that already is one,” he said.

California state law already requires gun owners to lock up their guns or disable and unload them if there are children under the age of 18 in the home. Diaz said the only difference he sees is that the City of San Diego’s ordained also includes people who do not have children. According to Diaz, there have not been a significant spike in sales.

“It really has not changed much more. People have been coming in more for more pistol lock boxes,” he said.

Diaz said the most common locks people buy are boxes with a key because other systems can be difficult to unlock and load during an emergency.

Will people follow the law?

Diaz said he believes that if they are “getting single firearm for protection, they are usually in the head board, a place of easy access.”