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Students at San Diego High School 'Go Green' on Earth Day

Students from the climate club have a goal of planting 11,000 eco-friendly plants on campus.

SAN DIEGO — Members of San Diego High School's Climate Club planted eco-friendly plants around campus Friday in an effort to create green spaces and bring awareness to climate change.

"I hope that people realize that climate change is a severe issue. If we all work together and do something small hopefully we can create big change," said sophomore Cady Conner.

"It's our generation that will bear the brunt of climate change. I also hope other kids in the area and school will feel empowered by what we're doing," said freshman Eve Hudson.

Members of the school's climate club planted Lantana and California Poppy seeds. These are plants that need less water and adapt to dry soil conditions.

Their goal is to plant 11,000 plants.

Each one signifies a ride taken on the silver line trolley in 2020.

The students are encouraging people to take public transportation, reminding people the more you cut back on driving, the better it is for our planet.

Starting May 1, anyone under the age of 18 can take public transit in San Diego for free. It's part of SANDAG's new Youth Opportunity Pass Pilot Program. Click here for more information.

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