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San Diego Humane Society urges governor to sign bill limiting animal testing

The 108 beagles that the San Diego Humane Society rescued recently from a Virginia-based company, were headed for a life of suffering in laboratories.

SAN DIEGO — Penny Lane is one of the 108 beagles that the San Diego Humane Society rescued recently from a Virginia-based company, that breeds and sells animals for use in scientific testing. 

The San Diego Humane Society says the beagles were bred specifically for experimentation. 

Had they not been removed, most of them were headed for a life of suffering in laboratories. Where they may have been force-fed drugs, pesticides, or other substances, and then observed for harmful effects such as, heart failure, signs of cancer, or even death.

"Doing research on animals with toxic chemicals and the way it's done is unquestionable. They have tubes down their throats and in their noses. The look of nausea they have is too much to endure," said Gary Weitzman, President of the San Diego Humane Society.

Now, the humane society is urging Governor Gavin Newsom to sign a bill limiting animal testing.

"This legislation will decrease the use for medical research. This dog would have never been out of cage or touch grass or caught a frisbee and now she has a home," said Weitzman. 

The Prohibiting Extraneous Testing or “PET” Act will be the first of its kind for the nation. Its authored by Senator Scott Weiner (D) of San Francisco and sponsored by the Humane Society of the United States.

Weitzman says the Senate Bill will ban needless toxicity testing on dogs and cats for products such as pesticides, chemical substances, and food additives.

"That’s why eliminating this research in California will hopefully pave the way for the rest of the country and across the globe. Sign this bill, sign this bill now so we can stop cruelty experiments on animals," said Weitzman.

According to American Anti-Vivisection Society

"Dogs are often used in biomedical research investigating heart and lung disease, and cancer. Beagles are the most common breed of dog used, not because scientists view them as the best model for human disease, but rather they are docile and small, allowing more animals to be housed and cared for using less space and money." 

The Governor has until September 30, 2022 to sign this bill. There is already a long list of adopters for the rescued beagles. 

The San Diego Humane Society has 600 other pets looking for homes. If you'd like to adopt, click here.

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