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San Diego inventor's design helping to battle coronavirus

Clifford Wright designed an electrostatic sprayer that is being used to sanitize surfaces of coronavirus.

SAN DIEGO — As governments around the world grapple with how to best defend against coronavirus, a local inventor’s design is at the forefront of the effort to clean surfaces.

Clifford Wright founded Victory Innovations after designing a sprayer using electrostatic technology. It allows users to disperse chemicals more effectively because droplets cling to surfaces while using 70% less solution.

“I feel at my age, of 56, I’m finally giving something back to the community and world with the product I’ve designed,” said Wright.

Victory’s largest sprayers are in use in more than 40 countries around the world. Health officials have posted videos of staff using the spray to sanitize rooms, vehicles, and people. They can use a variety of solutions depending on the situation. Victory’s largest sprayer can sanitize a plane in about five minutes.

“Hospitals, planes, trains, cruise ships -- we’re seeing this [demand for sanitization] more and more, but they don’t have the equipment to go out and fight it. They need a device to move through a hospital or plane very quickly and not disturb people,” said Wright.

Victory is struggling to keep up with demand since the outbreak. It manufactures the sprayers about 700 miles from the epicenter of the coronavirus outbreak.

“We're hoping to get support from the government, knowing they need this product, and support to get people back into our factory as soon as possible to produce the product,” said Wright.

Wright is continuing to work in his San Diego garage on new designs based on feedback to keep growing the business with his partners.

“Most entrepreneurs and inventors aren’t necessarily always looking for profit,” said Wright. "But [hope] what we’ve developed is going to be good for the community or the world.”

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