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San Diego journalist diagnosed with 'Bell's Palsy'

Juan Ruiz, owner and sole operator of 619 News Media, announced he was diagnosed with "Bell's Palsy" after experiencing stroke-like symptoms.
Credit: Juan Ruiz

SAN DIEGO — San Diego's "619 News Media" owner and sole operator announced he was diagnosed with Bell's Palsy and would partially pull back from breaking news coverage.

Juan Ruiz shared on his Facebook page that after experiencing stroke-like symptoms on May 19, he was diagnosed by medical professionals with Bell's Palsy. 

"Bell's palsy is a neurological disorder that causes paralysis or weakness on one side of the face," according to the National Institute of Health.

Ruiz said the condition left half his face without movement, essentially paralyzed.

Music superstar Justin Bieber suffered from a similar condition, Ramsay Hunt Syndrome, that led to the cancellation of his worldwide "Justice Tour."

Ruiz announced due to the newly experienced condition, his nightly live streams of chasing breaking news around San Diego County would be placed on hold. 

"So for the interim, while I’m healing up - live streams will be put on hold. I will still be in the field, so if you see me out there - feel free to say hello," Ruiz said.

The live streams are typically shared on 619 News Media's YouTube channel with over 83,000 subscribers.

Ruiz's 619 News Media company is known around San Diego County and Southern California for shooting and selling breaking news videos.

CBS 8 has featured 619 News Media videos in several newscasts on both CBS 8 and The CW and its social platforms.

"Not much is known about this neurological disorder, so I wanted to share my diagnosis and spread awareness. Thank you all again, and I appreciate you all!" Ruiz said.

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