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Behind the scenes with San Diego's 'Top Chef' serving dinner in domes

You may know the inspiration for the domes, but what about the food?

SAN DIEGO — Sunny San Diegans can now experience a taste of this "winter" thing we've heard about. Yes, you can now have dinner in a dome, and it's an Instagram influencer's dream. The pop-up opens on Thursday, Feb. 6. 

Dinner With A View started in Ottawa, Ontario. Canadians had the wild idea to eat dinner inside of a dome.  

Architects custom design and engineer each of the eye-catching domes. 

“Each dome is decorated differently to represent different areas of the Earth’s terrain,” said Steve Georgiev, a representative from the company. “[They are] intimate, clear, frameless geodesic domes that have been transformed into terrariums.”

So, what about the architect of the food?

Guests can pick a vegan, meat or fish option from a three-course, blind menu. However, we know what isn’t on the menu: shellfish, pork or nuts. If you have a food allergy, the company recommends noting that in your reservation. 

San Diego's very own and Top Chef alumna Claudette Zepeda, is cooking up the mystery menu.

You'll find Zepeda and her hardworking team tucked away in a steamy trailer at Liberty Station, baking warm bread and San Dieg-inspired dishes. After all, San Diego is "home" for Zepeda. 

"This menu is a result of a) my travels and  b) the characters in my life," said Zepeda. "Like, this is what you would eat if you came to my house." 

Zepeda said she doesn't like to fit into one "genre" of food. Much like the domes, she likes creating things outside-the-box. 

"I don't want to fit into boxes anymore," said Zepeda."I'm so worried about garnishes and making it I guess, 'Instagram friendly,' more of going for flavor than fashion."

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Each temperature-controlled dome seats four to six people. Reserving the dome itself costs $200. Then, dinner for each person costs $109.99, excluding drinks or water. You can make a reservation here.

The pop-up runs through March 8.