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San Diego man killed in Baja California shooting

Mexican officials confirmed a San Diego man, Roberto Ayala, is one of the ten victims killed in a shooting in Ensenada.

ENSENADA, Baja California — A San Diego man has been identified as one of ten victims killed in a shooting in Mexico on May 20, Mexican officials confirmed.

Roberto Isaias Ayala, 22, a father, husband, and son, was killed by crossfire during an apparent gunfight at a racing event in the San Vicente area of Baja California's Ensenada city.

On Sunday, the Baja California State Attorney General's Office said through a release that he believed the violent acts were a confrontation between members of organized crime.

"Isaias was simply at the wrong place at the wrong time and unfortunately died running for his own life," according to a GoFundMe created for Ayala.

Ayala had a 4-year-old daughter.

"His 4-year-old daughter is still waiting for her 'superhero daddy' to come home. And there are no words on how to tell her that he won't be coming back. His family will always remember him forever as "The Cheerful Boy," his wife said.

Mexican officials found a car abandoned at the scene that is believed to be the vehicle that fired the shots at the race crew members. The black Infinity Qx60 van with tinted windows was found with bullet holes and traces of blood inside.

The shooting caused an intense mobilization of units of the Mexican Army, Navy, and state and local police.

During a news conference on Monday afternoon, the Attorney General of Baja California announced no arrests have been made. 

He also announced that they are still investigating who was at the shooting and who might be connected to a drug cartel.

Oher victims who were shot include a 13-year-old boy, one woman and a man who goes by Trebu, who was reported as the main target for the shooters.

Mexican officials also announced that they designated a multi-agency task force to find the people responsible. 

A drug bust was made just a week ago in Baja, while officials say there is no correlation, Tijuana reporters say drug trafficking is the main issue causing these shootings.

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