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San Diego ranks #5 as most sustainable city in green energy

County of San Diego's landmark climate action plan helps makes it one of the biggest solar power producing regions.

SAN DIEGO — The climate is changing, and as it changes, San Diego is taking steps to reduce the impacts of climate change. 

Lawnstarter compared 200 of the biggest cities based on five sustainable categories: zero-energy buildings, alternative fuel stations, and greenhouse-gas emissions, which are among 26 total metrics.

San Francisco takes first place with the most sustainable development with nearly 11 alternative fuel stations per square mile. It is known to be bike friendly and the best place to get around if you do not have a car.  

Out of 25 cities ranking in the top half of the study, six of the top 10 are in California making the state a leader in sustainable living and green towns. 

San Diego ranks number five as the 2023 most sustainable city. In 2022 San Diego's landmark Climate Action Plan established a community-wide goal of net zero emissions by 2035 to reduce greenhouse gas reductions. 

San Diego has the most zero-energy buildings. Around the county, solar panels generate 37 megawatts of green energy, making it one of the biggest solar power producers. 

Not only is San Diego a solar power over achiever, but they have a climate resilient plan for responding to climate change and are working to improve historically underserved communities.

The County of San Diego is the first major city to commit to 100% renewable energy making the city a leader in the climate initiative.

People are encouraged to live more sustainably by saving energy, and water, using sustainable products and other things to reduce our carbon footprint.

There are many Earth Day events around San Diego County in 2023.

One event on Saturday, April 22 is the 21st annual Creek to Bay Cleanup. Join CBS 8 along with thousands of your neighbors, friends and family will be out at dozens of locations around the county. Sign up and be a part of our community’s largest cleanup effort. To learn more about trash pickup locations and volunteering, click here.

San Diego County has several events planned and for a list of some more Earth Day events click here.


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