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San Diego County Board of Supervisors opposes placement of sexually violent predators anywhere in the county

The board is calling for reforms at the state level on where to place sexually violent predators.

SAN DIEGO COUNTY, Calif. — San Diego County supervisors want a say in where sexually violent predators are placed in San Diego County and they're calling on the state to give them more authority.

Chair Nathan Fletcher and Supervisor Jim Desmond held a news conference Friday morning to bring attention to the topic. 

"No one wants to live anywhere near a sexually violent predator and today the county does not have a say in the placement process," said Supervisor Jim Desmond. "I believe that we should also have veto power," Desmond added. 

According to Desmond, right now state hospitals make the decision of where to place sexually violent predators. County supervisors say until they have a seat at the table, they formally oppose placement of them anywhere in the county.

Credit: Dept. of Corrections

On July 8, a judge will determine if a home in Borrego Springs is suitable to place sexually violent predator Michael Martinez. According to Desmond, he was convicted in four separate cases of molesting children younger than fourteen. 

Desmond told reporters the home the judge will consider is near lots of children. He said there is limited law enforcement in the area. He also said internet and cell phone coverage is unreliable. He said it is not the right place for someone who is supposed to be supervised 24 hours a day.

When asked, where should sexually violent predators be placed?

Chair Nathan Fletcher said there will never be an ideal place.

"I think the best location I've seen is a couple of trailers in the parking lot of a state prison. That's where you have best access to monitor folks, you have fewest people in the surrounding areas," said Chair Fletcher.

He said the county just wants to work with the state to reform the placement process.

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