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SDSU fans and alumni ecstatic for the Aztecs to make it to Sweet 16

Fans are excited the Aztecs are in the Sweeet 16, something that hasn’t happened since 2014.

SAN DIEGO — Fans are excited that the San Diego State University Aztecs are in the Sweet 16, which hasn’t happened since 2014.

"Let's go, Aztecs!" cheers San Diego State University sophomore, Bryce Garrod. He was hiding his face with a skeleton mask, but he wasn't hiding his Aztec spirit.

"Why am I wearing this? Well, a long time ago, this skeleton logo was made. I saw it when I was eight and wanted to make a costume based on that. I've been pulling for the Aztecs since I was 8. This is my thing, and I love it. I've gained popularity over the years, and I love this. The SDSU community has embraced me as a public figure," said Garrod.

He and dozens of other basketball fans filled up the Viejas Arena on SDSU's campus to watch the big game on the big screen.

"It's so much fun. To have a watch party, you can't ask for anything better than that here at Viejas Arena," said Jon Erik Moyles, SDSU senior.

"It was really fun.  A lot more people showed up than we thought would be there. It is nice to see as many people come out," said SDSU freshman Cloudia Campbell.

Students and alumni are thrilled the team is advancing to the next round, which hasn’t happened in nine years.

"That's nearly a decade. We are thrilled to have that here," said Moyles.

"I'm so proud of us. I've never missed a home game. I'm proud to watch the team since day one, " said SDSU freshman Tatum Hadley.

"It's exciting! I want to see them go all the way!" said Campbell. 

"I'm going to Kentucky!" said SDSU alumni Oliver Lee.

And Garrod is on Cloud Nine.

"I don’t know how much happier you can get! Sweet 16, baby! Let's go to Elite 8, then Final 4! Let's keep it going!" cheered Garrod. 

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