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She Fest kicks off a week of San Diego Pride events

With virtual and scaled-down options during the last two years in the pandemic, this is the first year, She Fest was back to normal with hundreds in attendance.

SAN DIEGO — San Diego Pride has officially been kicked off with the start of She Fest.

Taking in the sounds of a live band on stage, attendees of She Fest showed up in their festive looks from rainbow colored shirts down to their Pride filled pets.

"This is representation at its finest being able to see people who are queer, people who are in business, people who are leaders, it is just a really good way to feel a part of the community and be empowered,” said Asher Mac, the emcee for She Fest for third year and also a standup comedian.

With a host of vendors and booths from Beyond Bathology to the San Diego Women's Chorus, the event is 100% volunteer run.

"What you saw here today was really from the community for the community," said She Fest chair Stacy Sakamoto.

She Fest began in 2014 and serves at the San Diego Pride Week kick-off event at the Hillcrest Pride Flag on University Avenue.

Why is it called 'She Fest'?

"I think it was originally meant to highlight the fact that this event is for folks who identify as She in some way or another,” Sakamoto said.

Friends made it a reunion and a great photo opportunity. She Fest had several free workshops to check out including one titled "Explore Kink: Enhance Your Sex Life"

Brie Lamb and her family dressed the part saying they have a whole rainbow section in their house. She felt it was important for her three children to experience She Fest.

"We are a lesbian Family, so we love our community, and my wife is in the military, and it makes me emotional because she re-enlisted in the Navy under that flag and she is serving right now,” Lamb said in tears.

With security concerns high for any large event, Lamb says she has safety on her mind but also wanted to enjoy She Fest in person, "There will be a lot more people at Pride next weekend, and I feel like this is a little safer for me to do with three kids."

Sakamoto said the Pride organization works quite closely with the FBI and law enforcement year-round “to make sure that all of the events that we are putting on are the safest that they can be, and certainly heightened this year.”

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