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Surveillance video shows vehicle racing down Mission Beach Boardwalk

A witness describes a sedan that appeared to be going at least 50 mph.

SAN DIEGO — Mission Beach Boardwalk resident "Ocean Front Paul" shared a video with News 8 of a vehicle racing past his home on the boardwalk at more than 50 mph.

This happened around 9:20 p.m. Sunday in Mission Beach. 

A Nest camera captured video of the vehicle speeding down the boardwalk.

Resident Rob Brown said he was in his hot tub when he saw what appeared to be a silver sedan racing past his home.

"I was in the front patio hot tub and a car goes by, had to be at least 50 miles per hour, flies by, loud noise, obviously I was in total shock. I was with my girlfriend and her 8-year-old daughter," he said.

Brown said he immediately called 911 and the operator said they received other calls on the incident as well.

Police radio traffic confirms multiple people called about the sedan.

"A vehicle driving on the boardwalk it's going to be a silver four-door sedan, going southbound on the boardwalk. It almost hit several pedestrians," said a dispatcher.

"Over the next 15 minutes, we spoke to passers-by who described how they had to jump out of the way or dive over the boardwalk to get out of the way," Brown said. "I've lived here since 2005, so I have seen lost drivers going five miles per hour on the boardwalk, but nothing like this."

The suspect vehicle is described as a small four-door mid-sized sedan.

Brown and the neighbor who captured the video used to serve on the Mission Beach Town Council and say they asked for barricades or a deterrent to keep civilian cars from entering the boardwalk. 

"We've been asking forever to get to do something at the end of the spaces where cars can get on the boardwalk to complete block them going through them," said Brown. 

Another surveillance video from May 2020 shows a red Jeep careening down Mission Beach boardwalk. A lifeguard is seen running up to the boardwalk to stop the driver but he resumed his speed, missing children on the walkway. 

"Hopefully the city does something to prevent these cars from getting on to the boardwalk before someone gets hurt," said Brown.

News 8 reached out to SDPD to check on reports and more descriptions of the vehicle and SDPD responded by saying "We did have a few people call in about a silver sedan-type vehicle on the boardwalk. There were no arrests made or anyone detained."

There are no reports of injuries from the most recent incident so far.

"Everybody was describing the same vehicle, obviously shaken and shocked seeing someone driving down the boardwalk that fast, knowing they could have killed somebody," Brown said.

Council President Dr. Jennifer Campbell who also serves Mission Beach sent News 8 a statement:

“We have heard from residents, understand their concerns and will continue to monitor situations like this moving forward. Regardless, no one should ever drive on the boardwalk."


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