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Temecula woman finds razor blades in car door handle

"We're just baffled," she said.

TEMECULA, Calif. —

Kristen Dalton walked to her SUV Thursday morning in Temecula like she’s done many times before. She looked up to see if it might soon rain.

“Because I was doing that, it forced me to lightly grab the handle [and] I felt something,” said Dalton. 

What she felt wasn’t a raindrop. That "something" was four razor blades stuck to the inside of her handle.

“You could see two tips barely sticking up here and two tips down there and they were extra-large blades,” said Dalton. 

She and her husband checked the other doors and later called the sheriff's department.

An officer checked for fingerprints and took the blades in as evidence.

“It was obviously premade and they must have brought the epoxy with them to adhere it to the car handle,” said Dalton.

Dalton and her family spent the weekend trying to figure out why someone did this.

“We're just baffled,” said Dalton. “Who? Why? We don't have enemies. We've lived in this neighborhood [for] 18 years and never had an issue with anything.”

“Check your handles before you get into your vehicles,” said Dalton.

Another incident involving a razor blade was called in the next day, but Dalton doesn't think it's related.

“Both incidents occurred in separate areas of the city of Temecula,” said the Riverside Sheriff’s Department.

So far there is no description of the suspect.

Dalton thinks they came up on foot because a car would have triggered a neighbor's security system, but there's little else to go on.

“We're hoping someone knows something or figures out who did this, because this is someone trying to inflict bodily harm on someone,” said Dalton.

“The investigation revealed that the razor blades were placed in a manner likely to cause injury,” said the Riverside Sheriff’s Department.

Anyone with information is asked to call the Riverside Co. Sheriff's Temecula offices at 951-696-3000. You can also report information anonymously.

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