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The town of Julian asks tourists not to come visit... for now

In the grips of the coronavirus outbreak, the mountain town has asked that visitors suspend their trip.

JULIAN, Calif. — It's high noon in the little mountain town of Julian. Main Street, which is usually abuzz with the hustle and bustle of tourists from out of town is quiet. Closed signs hanging in store windows. 

"Soon after it was announced that we need to stay at home we had a big influx of people," says Doreen Cross, the vice president of the Julian Chamber of Commerce. "We are encouraging people not to come at this time." 

The quaint mountain town thrives on tourism, from its famous apple pies to its humble shops along Main street, Julian is a popular destination from out of towners. But with many of the stores and restaurants closed down and tourists being asked to postpone their visit, the residents of Julian are without their primary source of income.

"We love tourists, the tourism is how we thrive," says Cross "We don't have the infrastructure if anyone gets sick. We have a small clinic and the doctor does an amazing job but it's just a small clinic."

But even with uncertain futures, Cross remains hopeful that Julian will be back open for business soon.

"Everybody has gone through some troubles and we're still here," she says "We're a really good community and we support each other. I'm so proud to live here." 

We're asking anyone who is not a resident or property-owner in the Julian community or providing essential services to our residents to postpone your immediate visit to Julian for the time being....

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