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City of San Diego replaces 3 sidewalk blocks in Encanto neighborhood

The new sidewalk provides more walkable opportunities for the neighborhood, according to the city.

SAN DIEGO — The City of San Diego is improving pedestrian access for those living in the Encanto neighborhood. The city’s Transportation Department recently installed three new blocks of sidewalk in the area.

“Kids usually walk here when they’re done with school and I feel like it would be more safer instead because cars here drive fast,” said Samuel Espinoza, lives in Encanto neighborhood.

"The new sidewalk provides more walkable opportunities for the neighborhood, including access to Encanto elementary school and the 916 and 917 bus routes on Brooklyn Avenue,” the City of San Diego said in a statement.

The project added 800 linear feet of new sidewalk to Brooklyn Avenue from 61st street to 63rd street

Espinoza said the new and improved sidewalks means school age children, people with disabilities and those who ride public transportation can get to where they’re going safely.

“There’s some (who are) handicapped, and they might need to get there and there might be a car driving fast and we don’t want accidents in the world,” added Espinoza.

Neighbors said they hope to see more sidewalk access become available to keep everyone in the community safe.

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