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News 8 Throwback: Clubs in LA, landmarks in Hollywood

In November 1987 CBS 8’s Lena Nozizwe’s assignment was to hit the clubs in L.A. Club names were No Wax Formica, Egg Salad, Flaming Colossus and White Trash A-Go-Go

LOS ANGELES — Oh, the things we have in our archive!! The places we went, the people we photographed -- a two-part series on LA nightlife has to be one of the most eclectic, interesting stories we’ve come across. We dug up some other Los Angeles gems for a Throwback road trip. 

Two-part series on Los Angeles nightlife in 1987

In November 1987, CBS 8’s Lena Nozizwe’s assignment was to hit the clubs in L.A. 

“From the postmodern nightspots to the post-punk underground dance halls, the nightclubs have a lot in common with Baskin and Robbins -- there are so many flavors” Lena mused. Club names were No Wax Formica, Egg Salad, Flaming Colossus and White Trash A Go-Go. Actor Jeff Conaway was in the crowd and said he was from New York where clubs were open 24 hours -- he said L.A. was growing.

In part two, underground clubs were popping up…but you had to be invited. Lena said they were in some ways more exclusive than places like The Stock Exchange and Vertigo. The passport was simply being hip. Many of the nomadic clubs were in abandoned buildings. Hard to imagine finding out about them without the internet and cell phones. Not sure how our crew found out about this underground club—impressive investigative work perhaps. And surprising that they were allowed to shoot video at what was essentially an illegal event.   

CBS 8 goes to Hollywood in 1988

Part 1

It was a rainy day in January 1988 when CBS 8’s Lorraine Kimel ventured up north to Hollywood. She and the crew began the day at Mann’s Chinese Theater. A star homes tour is a must and they saw 60 of them—including Jimmy Stewart’s, Kirk Douglas’s, and Danny Thomas.  Next stop—The Hollywood Cemetery. See the elaborate tombs of Valentino, Douglas Fairbanks, and Tyrone Power. And just a stroke of luck—CBS 8 was at the Hollywood Walk of Fame when actor Jack Klugman was getting his star.

Part 2

Paramount Studios

Lorraine sat down with film producer A.C. Lyles. He told her how he landed his first job in Hollywood—he was a very persistent young man—and told tales about old Hollywood stars Mae West and Gloria Swanson. 

Part 3

Lorraine strolls down the walk of fame with honorary Hollywood mayor Johnny Grant. More Hollywood stories are told by entertainment columnist Vernon Scott. He interviewed the likes of Marilyn Monroe, Spencer Tracy and Katherine Hepburn. The visit to Tinseltown concludes at the home of actor Ralph Bellamy. At the time he had been in show business for 58 years. He said he never had stardom but he enjoyed working with stars. He did indeed have a remarkable career that spanned 62 years on stage, film, and television. During his career, he played leading roles as well as supporting roles, garnering acclaim and awards, including a Tony Award for Best Dramatic Actor in Sunrise at Campobello and an Oscar nomination for Best Supporting Actor for The Awful Truth (1937). Bellamy passed away in 1991, three years after this interview.

San Diego takes a trip to Downtown Los Angeles in 1978

In the fall of 1978, News 8’s Dave Cohen showcased some unique attractions in Downtown Los Angeles. Dave and his crew started the day extra early with stops at the Central Market and Los Angeles Flower Market to see all the action that went down before the sun came up. After breakfast at The Pantry (which is still around today) Dave headed to El Pueblo de Los Angeles where he featured several historical buildings and attractions. One of the last stops was an architectural landmark – The Bradbury Building.

Larry Himmel in Los Angeles with David Letterman 1994

Larry made the trek up to LA to catch up with his old buddy David Letterman. They knew each other from their Comedy Store days in La Jolla. Dave said he would love to move the show to Los Angeles because he had happy memories of living here--especially San Diego. "If you can get away with it, living out here is just delightful." He said goodbye to his old friend and then hung out with the folks waiting all day for a chance to get on the show. Letterman sidekicks Biff Henderson and Larry "Bud" Melman joked around with Larry too. And always quick with a joke--he asked a man who proudly announced that he worked with George Cukor, Frank Capra, and John Huston at MGM--if he knew Ted Leitner--oh yeah he was a cameraman wasn't he? No, more like a camera hog. Hilarious!

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