SAN DIEGO — As locals, we are spoiled to spend summer in a place like sunny San Diego. Between our beautiful beaches and attractions across the county, San Diegans don’t have to travel far to celebrate the season.  

These clips from the News 8 archives show kids and families enjoying summertime over the years. While the fashion and hair styles have changed, the spirit of summer in San Diego remains the same.  

In mid-June 1979, schools in San Diego were on summer break and News 8 went looking for how kids were kickstarting the season. Reporter Carol Kendrick found them soaking up the sun at the beach, cooling down at an indoor ice rink and beating the heat playing arcade games like Daytona 500 and Frogs.   

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As San Diego students celebrated the end of the school year in 1987, News 8's Doug McAllister questioned youngsters about their summer plans. Some graduating sixth-graders at Lindbergh Elementary shared plans for time at the beach while others lamented missing their friends for the long three months before a new school year.  

So much for June Gloom! On June 16, 1993, News 8 hit the beach to see what effect warm weather was having on the crowds. San Diego students on break told reporter Chris Saunders of their summertime excitement shouting: “school’s out!” and clapping. Things that brought the kids to the shore included: “waves and babes,” “the rollercoaster,” “surfing, boogie boarding,” and “perfect weather and big waves!”  

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In June of 1994, News 8's Larry Himmel visited a serene summer setting in San Diego. Locals were gathering at Lake Poway for fishing, feeding the ducks and taking in the beautiful scenery from boats on the water. 

What are your favorite summertime activities in San Diego?

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