SAN DIEGO (NEWS 8) — Over the years, News 8 has reported from beyond the boundaries of America’s Finest City.

In the 1970s, ‘80s and ‘90s one of our frequent out-of-town destinations was Mexico. Take a trip back in time and south of the border with these archive clips from Baja California.

First up, a trio of trips with legendary News 8 reporter Larry Himmel:

In 1980, News 8’s Larry Himmel gave us a two-part feature on a trip to Ensenada, Mexico and the world-famous Hussong’s Cantina. The first part of the video features Larry on the road discussing some of the history and attractions of the area. In the second part, things get a bit more wild with Larry experiencing a “typical Saturday night at Hussong’s.” The bar was full of patrons who came for the cheap beer and tequila. They told Larry they were there to “party,” “get crazy,” and “find mamacitas.”

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In 1994, Larry headed south of the border once more, but this time promised to be more tame as his mother was along for the ride. Larry and mom went to Tijuana where they shopped for jewelry and jackets before finding a two-for-one special on margaritas. Mama and her sombrero were ready to party, but Larry had other ideas. Eventually Larry’s mom did get to sip a marg and even sat on a “zebra” for a keepsake picture. What a trip! 

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Later in 1994, Larry again headed south, this time to Rosarito Beach for a two-part piece on how the area was evolving. Larry featured the Festival Plaza - a hotel with restaurants, music venues and more. In part one, the plaza is gearing up to host Los Lobos and Michael McDonald in its amphitheater and in part two we get a little of that McDonald magic.

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And now for some other south of the border gems:

News 8 took a trip south to Tecate, Mexico, in early 1978 to showcase the busy brewery making the namesake beer of the city. News 8’s Janine Tartaglia reported that more than 500 people worked at the facility which produced more than 100-million liters of beer each year. The brewery owned by Cuauhtémoc also produced Carta Blanca and Indio at the time. Janine reported the employees made an average of 280 pesos per week, or roughly $13. 

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News 8's Doug McAllister headed south of the border in 1978 to explore the history of the Caesar salad. The salad was allegedly created at the Caesar Hotel in Tijuana, Mexico, in 1927 by Alex Cardini. The original recipe included romaine, raw eggs, garlic oil, lemon juice, wine vinegar, Parmesan cheese and croutons.

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