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News 8 Throwback: San Diego fads and fashion in the 1970s and ‘80s

This week’s Throwback features some trends you’re sure to remember – and others you’d probably like to forget.

SAN DIEGO COUNTY, Calif. — Some trends change over time while others stand the test of time. Our News 8 archives are full of snapshots of fads and fashion over the years. From the quintessential Bo Derek “10” braids of the late 1970s to “discount” fashions of the early 1980s, this week’s Throwback features some trends you’re sure to remember – and others you’d probably like to forget.  

The ‘10’ Bo Derek braided hairstyle in high demand in 1979 

In December 1979, the "10" hairstyle was all the rage. The image of Bo Derek running on the beach in the movie "10," braids flowing, inspired women everywhere to achieve the look. They had to have a lot of time on their hands as the process took four to eight hours to complete. It wasn't cheap either - $25 to $50 an hour.   

Customer Brenda told News 8 it was worth it because she could wash it and let it go. Some opted for a modified version.  

Wonder what our reporter Paula Zahn would have looked like with the "10" 'do... no reporter involvement there.  

News 8 goes in search of what's 'hot' and 'not' in San Diego in 1979  

In 1979, News 8’s Carol Kendrick went looking for what was “hot” and “not” in San Diego for this journal piece. The result is a time capsule of the year with the styles and fads of the time captured on film; although we can’t vouch for how accurate the hot/not designations were. Have bikinis and skateboards ever been out of fashion in San Diego? We think NOT.    

Paula Zahn features San Diego discount stores in 1980 

Off-price department stores are everywhere these days but in 1980 they were a relatively new thing. News 8 had a series called "Helpline" and in this story, reporter Paula Zahn explains how these stores were able to offer discounts. The store manager said they were able to keep the prices low because they had no carpeting on the floor, no fancy wood paneling, no chandeliers, just a very basic retail environment.  

A sweater at the store Paula featured that would normally cost $47 was discounted to $32. That seems quite high considering how much less most things cost back then. Under $30 is a common price for a sweater at Marshall's or TJ Maxx in 2020. Hard to imagine 40 years later, something would cost less.  

Larry Himmel's hat collection in 1980 

Larry Himmel opens up his closet for all to see and exclaims that most of his clothes are so out of date that few charitable organizations would accept them as a donation. But he hung on to them because he could wear them to a masquerade party or a punk rock concert. Too bad he doesn't show us his clothes - but that wasn't the story.  

"These were all the rage in the 'Superfly' days. Now you don't even see guys downtown after dark wearing them."  

How cool is his closet!? Love the wallpaper! Larry was a cool cat!  

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