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Tim's tips for beating the pain at the pump

Here are a few ways to get around our beautiful city, no gas money required

SAN DIEGO — Let’s face it. In California, the car is king. 

In 2019 the state’s DMV estimated that there are over 14 million cars on the road. Historically, cities were designed around the automobile with sprawling freeways that connect us within our huge state.

So when gas prices are what they are now and It’s costing some $70, $80, $90 to fill their tank you start to look for other options. Besides doing the basic maintenance on your car to improve its fuel efficiency, there’s not much that those living in suburban San Diego who commute for work and play can do but grin and bear the price at the pump.

But for those living in the city, there’s a bounty of transportation options to get you where you need to go.

Tim's tips:

Public Transportation

Of course, public transportation is the most obvious way to get around the city. The MTS Trolley now stretches from the UTC Mall to the San Ysidro Border and from downtown to Santee. There are also 85 bus routes to fill the gaps in-between.  At $2.50, it’s a lot cheaper than a tank of gas.


But what if you’re looking to pay even less than the price of a trolley ticket? Well if you’re downtown you’re in luck, just hop on FRED. 

FRED or Free Rides Anywhere Downtown is a service by the company Circuit and is supported by the city of San Diego. Just download the Circuit app, select where you want to go and an electric car will take you anywhere downtown, absolutely free.

Bikes, boards and scooters

Lastly, the city of San Diego is opening up miles and miles of protected bikeways, mean skateboards, scooters and of course bikes have a safe and easy path to get where they need to go.

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