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Trash pick-up resumes after strike, many asking for refund or credit

Republic estimates it will clear all the trash by the end of the month, so some customers will need to be patient.

SAN DIEGO COUNTY, Calif. — While Republic Services resumed trash pick-up this week, and some restaurants in Chula Vista are now picking up the pieces, literally.

One owner I spoke with says he couldn't wait any longer and decided to put things in his own hands.

"We had to hire some people to come in and re-dump out the trash," said Timoth Parker.

Parker owns Chula Vista Brewery on 3rd Avenue and another location in East Lake. He says trash and recycling was piling up behind his restaurant and it soon became a health hazard.

"We have a canyon right behind us, which obviously has rodents and stuff, so to prevent those rodents from coming over the canyon,” Parker said.

Despite sanitation workers returning to their jobs on Tuesday, following their month-long strike, Republic has still not picked up his trash.

Parker says he had to use his own money.

"Every time you call those guys, it’s like $300 or $400 each trip," said Parker.

But it was worth it to him because it wasn't only affecting his employees, but the peace of mind for his customers.

"It's very important to keep the area clean, you want people to come in and feel comfortable," said Parker.

In total, Parker says he spent about $800 on hiring private trash haulers.

One of those people is Amado Rodriguez, owner of A and J Jet Wash. He said he got a request for help through social media and although his business doesn't "throw out trash" he decided to help out 

"We focus on power washing, not dump pickup but, what the hell we have a big van space, why not?" said Rodriguez.

And he said he didn't want to see the community he loves, Chula Vista, become filled with trash.

"I hate living around a community that's dirty," said Rodriguez.

Republic estimates it will clear all the trash by the end of the month, so some customers will need to be patient.

In the meantime, Republic services customers and the City of Chula Vista are looking for compensation now, after of course paying for a month of service during the strike.

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