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Tricks to staying safe on Halloween

Safety on Halloween does not have to be tricky.

SAN DIEGO — Halloween is just one week from Thursday, but while it is all about a night of fright, there are some safety reminders everyone should know before taking the kids to trick-or-treating.

Safety on Halloween does not have to be tricky. Lorrie Lynn with Rady Children’s Hospital said just being there when the children go door to door knocking is key.

“Parents should always go trick-or-treating with their kids,” said Lynn.

More people are expected to be out on foot, and that means drivers should take extra caution on the road to avoid being part of a scary statistic.

“More kids are killed by cars on Halloween than any other day of the year,” said Lynn.

When it comes to costumes, masks could impair a child’s vision, face paint is the safer option. When driving, bulky costumes should be removed before a child is strapped into a car seat.  

“No matter how tight it is, there is a layer of fluff preventing the car seat from working properly,” said Lynn.

While Halloween would not be complete without a jack-o’-lanterns, fire officials aid putting a candle inside could pose a hazard. Instead, a flameless candle could be used as an alternative, and it is more fire safe.

Knowing all the right tricks can make Halloween a treat. Happy and safe Halloween, San Diego!

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