SAN DIEGO — The fraternity Sigma Chi at the University of California San Diego was suspended Tuesday after sexual assault allegations were received by the Center for Student Involvement.

The university and the national fraternity sent cease-and-desist orders to the Sigma Chi chapter last week. The chapter is barred from taking part in social or philanthropic activities while the allegations are investigated.

Students on campus reacted to the news that Sigma Chi had been suspended amid allegations of sexual assault.

“I am happy they are under investigation. I think this should be taken seriously,” said one UCSD student.

Another UCSD student said, “a suspension feels like a bit much because it is only [the] actions of a few that is affecting the whole thing.”

Sigma Chi came under investigation after multiple women from local sororities came forward. According to the university’s paper, “The Guardian,” victims claimed they were sexually assaulted and, in some cases, drugged at Sigma Chi events throughout the academic year.

Several sexual assault allegations reportedly have been made against members of the fraternity.

Students on campus on Tuesday night said they were surprised by the allegations. 

“It happens quite often, unfortunately. I am disgusted, yes, but it’s Greek life. That is what happens,” said a student.  

The Greek community has been outspoken in condemning the alleged behavior. Some sororities have reportedly already cut ties with Sigma Chi all together.  

Sigma Chi at UCSD responded to News 8’s request for an interview with the following statement:

"Our chapter has been placed on a temporary suspension by UCSD and Sigma Chi International Headquarters, respectively, while they each begin investigating reports that have been received by the Center for Student Involvement. Our chapter supports this action and we intend to work collaboratively and cooperatively as may be requested. We expect all of our chapter members to adhere to the high standards of Sigma Chi. We are committed to justice and accountability and we absolutely do not tolerate sexual misconduct of any kind."

Statement from UCSD:

"The health, well-being and safety of UC San Diego students is our top priority. The university is in the process of investigating allegations of the Sigma Chi campus chapter, which will be examined and adjudicated thoroughly. While the appropriate investigations are ongoing, the student organization has received cease and desist orders from both the university and the national Sigma Chi fraternity, and all parties are cooperating.

Our university is committed to ensuring that our students, faculty and staff can learn, teach and work without sexual harassment or sexual violence and that the university maintains the highest standards of sexual assault and sexual violence prevention and response. The university encourages anyone with knowledge of these events to please contact the Office for the Prevention of Harassment at 858/534-8298 or online at UC San Diego's CARE at the Sexual Assault Resource Center is a free and confidential resource available 24/7 to all students, faculty and staff. CARE serves as a confidential advocacy office which provides education and support services for those impacted by sexual assault, relationship violence and stalking."