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Charlotte Reed, host of 'The Pet Buzz,' shares top tips for holiday pet safety

Joining Morning Extra Thursday to help provide some holiday pet relief is Petrendologist Charlotte Reed.

SAN DIEGO — As much as we love the holidays with our pets, they can be stressful. Joining Morning Extra Thursday to help provide some holiday pet relief is Petrendologist Charlotte Reed, the host of the syndicated "The Pet Buzz" radio show. With her dog, #MyHappyMoro, she is sharing her seasonal, top pet tips.

1. Great Pet Gifts

Buy appropriate gifts for pets. Consider age, breed characteristics, health and safety concerns. Before buying check reviews and trends for the best product recommendations. For example, before buying pet tech products make sure privacy and security are one the Company’s top considerations.

2. Pet-Friendly Decor

When decorating for the holidays, think about your pet’s healthy safety. Anchor your tree as well as keep pets away from the decorations and treated water in the stand. Make sure your other decorations are out of pets' reach. Make sure to check the ASPCA plant list before bringing seasonal plants into your home or gifting a pet owner friend. Certain plants can be fatal to dogs and cats and/or cause major intestinal discomfort. And menorahs and other burning candles and cause serious burns to our pets.

3. Reflect the Season

Outfit your pet with seasonal apparel like costumes, leashes and collars, ugly sweaters and the clothing in colors of the season. Seasonal toys and beds enhance your holiday decor.

4. Comfort & Joy

Create a retreat away from the holiday hub-bub, scheduled exercise breaks and your attention with keep a happy, holiday pet. If your time is limited, hire additional help.

5. Family Pet Problems

Tell relatives that you have pets before they arrive and once they arrive at your home. This ensure that allergy sufferers can adjust medications or opt out to stay at your home. Reviewing pet rules like keeping doors and windows closed including their bedroom door as well as not feeding your pet help to keep your pets safe and your money in your wallet.

6. Peaceful Season

Don’t a have "love me, love my pet" attitude. If invited to someone house, condo or apartment for the holidays, unless you know the host very well, don’t ask to bring your pet. And, if they say that bringing your pet is not possibility, don’t be angry because you have no idea about the hosts plans and guests who will be in attendance.

7. Holiday Travel

Traveling with over the holidays can be stressful, especially for pets. Prior to your hitting the road with Felix or Fido, make sure they are used to travel bags and crates and you are familiar with airplane and train regulations, especially with request documentations. And for car trips, map out travel routes. Make sure whatever mode of your transportation, you choose, schedule potty, water and exercise breaks. Make sure you can clean up your pet if there is an accident. Lastly, be considerate of other travelers.