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Veteran aviators honor fallen heroes on the USS Midway

Although veteran aviators were able to share their stories while aboard the USS Midway, all of them recognize that that's not the case for others.

SAN DIEGO — It's an event to meet some of the most prestigious veteran aviators aboard the USS Midway. Hundreds of naval pilots who have flown historical aircraft were there to share some of their stories.

It’s a way for us old guys to dust off our suits and stand in front of our helicopter,” said David Koontz, the marketing director for USS Midway. 

Koontz is also a Navy career veteran and was a helicopter pilot when he served in the Navy.  

Although veteran aviators could share their stories aboard the USS Midway, many recognize that that's not the case for some of their brothers and sisters who couldn't come home.

This event is a way to honor our veterans and fallen heroes this Memorial Day. 

This Saturday, during their busiest days, the USS Midway saw nearly 5,000 visitors. 

While military aircraft are a must-see, it was the veterans in their naval flight suits that everyone wanted to meet.

Veteran aviators like Dik Bradley, Scott Milner, and Bruce Browne were all aboard the USS Midway.

“Went to Vietnam and Cambodia with this aircraft and flew with the army,” said Scott, who retired from the Navy as a captain. 

Each of their stories was told with a hint of nostalgia, but all to serve our country and fight for our freedom.

For this Memorial Day, CBS 8 asked some legendary aviators what they reflect on during this holiday. 

“It's all about them, not about us. It’s about those who could not come home,” said Milner. 

As Koontz said, “The general public must know the service and the sacrifice of all those warriors, both men and women, that paid the ultimate price in defense of our nation.” 

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