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Annual 'Walk for Life' event brings thousands to Waterfront Park

This year the theme was “Changing hearts, Saving lives,” the event took place during an overturned Roe vs. Wade America.

SAN DIEGO — Over two-thousand people gathered Saturday at Waterfront Park, all to promote pro-life it's one of the most significant events in the anti-abortion community.  

The Walk for Life event has become an annual event in San Diego, and each year, the number of people participating keeps growing. 

This year the theme was “Changing hearts, Saving lives,” crowds seemed even more prominent, and the pro-life chants felt louder–because the event took place during an overturned Roe Vs. Wade America.

“We are here today to give witness to life to the sanctity of life from conception to death, and we are here to focus on life in the womb particularly,” said Cardinal Robert McElroy  

The walk started just before 11 a.m. rally-goers streamed along the sidewalks on the March around the County Administration Center.

Cardinal McElroy spoke at the event and led the walk around Waterfront Park to promote state-level change.  

He believes the policies in California surrounding abortion still need work. Currently, the state protects the right to an abortion under proposition one.

“States have the right to protect human rights through legislation, but in California, with the passage of proposition one, that’s not possible at the present moment,” said McElroy. 

The event focused on understanding what human life is and promoting alternative resources for women.

In a written statement, they said:

We believe in building a world where everyone can access the health care they need and deserve. We will never stop fighting until everyone has the right, access, and autonomy to decide what’s best for their lives, health, and futures.  

Still, the recent ruling has had California Planned Parenthood Clinics gearing up for patients from other states that instituted new abortion bans after the Supreme Court’s ruling.

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