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Warm ocean waters attracting unique marine life off San Diego coast

The warmer ocean temperatures off San Diego's coast is creating an unprecedented amount of fish for anglers.

SAN DIEGO — At H&M Landing, Shannon Perkins doesn't like leaving his fishing pole these days.

“Unfortunately, I still have to mow the lawn,” said Perkins.

When he's not tending to chores, Perkins and his sport fishing boat 'Little G' are out on the water with a full boat of anglers.

“This year has been the most epic I've seen in the last 35 years I've been fishing,” said Perkins.

These warmer temperatures are setting records on land and sea.

This time of year, the water temperature off San Diego shores is about 68-72 degrees but H&M Landing General Manager Frank Ursitti, says today the water temperature was 76 degrees.

“Things are as hot as it gets offshore here in San Diego,” said Ursitti.

Shannon calls it epic, Frank calls it historic.

“It's one of the best in sport fishing history,” said Ursitti.

This time of year is peak fishing season, there's Yellowtail and Yellowfin tuna off the San Diego coast and Baja but Frank says what makes this year incredible, is the sheer number of Dorado and their size.

Anglers are even catching 200 to 300-pound Blue Fin tuna on both sides of the border.

“Typically, an angler would have to go out on a 10-15 days in duration to do that now you can do that on an overnight or 12 hour trip,” said Ursitti.

And for those on the sold-out San Diego Whale Watch tour, on Monday they witnessed a Whale shark swimming around the boat for about six to seven minutes.

“I'm out here too excited I can't contain my screams,” said Bryan McGrory, San Diego Whale Watch captain.

Next to McGrory at the helm was captain and naturalist Ryan Jones who was looking through his binoculars trying to identity the dolphins they spotted but then saw some hub bub going on around the bow.

“In a split second we thought a Minki whale, Basking shark, Whale shark and we just lost it after that,” said Jones. “I had goosebumps I've never seen one.”

The captains say they've also seen more blue whales than usual migrating south and rare tropic birds.

“When I'm on the mic as a naturalist I always say you never know what you are going to see and then Monday proved it,” said Jones.

If you have some time now, get out on the sea, cool off and witness some remarkable sightings.

You can book a tour with San Diego Whale Watch and anglers can book a trip with H&M Landing here.

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