SAN DIEGO — Summer time is bringing the heat across the country, but extreme heat can do more than wreak havoc on your body.

Not preparing vehicles for summertime temperatures can leave drivers stranded.

For example, social media posts from an East County group had a series of messages from drivers with horror stories of having their cars break down in 100-degree weather and waiting hours for a tow truck to arrive.

“In 90-degree heat we do experience a big increase in breakdowns because people are not maintaining their cars properly. Their tires go out. Their belts and hoses go out or their batteries go out,” said Marie Montgomery, a spokesperson for AAA in California.

She said having unevenly worn-down tires and low tire pressure are a big issue.

“You are more likely to have a blowout. On road trips on the I-15 to Vegas and you could be in the middle of nowhere and it can be a while before someone gets to you. You really have to be prepared for yourself and passengers,” said Montgomery.

Montgomery also said drivers should check their car’s battery and make sure it does not need to be replaced.

“That 90 or extreme temperature is going to put a strain in that battery and if it is already weak probably kill it,” she said.  

AAA recommends having water and snacks on hand because increased calls for tow services could leave you waiting for a long time.  

“You can risk your health if you are not careful,” said Montgomery.