SAN DIEGO — The Camp Fire was the deadliest and most destructive fire in California history and one year later victims are celebrating a major victory.

This week, Pacific Gas & Electric agreed to a settlement of $13.5 billion.

During an investigation, authorities found powerline failures during high winds caused the Camp Fire and multiple other fires in Northern California.

San Diego attorney James Frantz was one of the attorneys who represented the victims. He said the experts proved that PG&E were absolutely at fault for failure to maintain their equipment.”

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One of the victims previously spoke with CBS News. Robyn Sousa said, “It doesn't sound like they took the proper procedures. Would anyone else in that situation if they did that would they be accountable?"

In San Diego, SDG&E has settled similar lawsuits in the past. Frantz says the lawsuits forced the company to improve procedures. He went on to say, “the goal of litigation is to hold them accountable and make safety changes.”

Shortly after the fire, PG&E filed for bankruptcy citing billions in expected claims. Frantz believes this agreement ensures victims won’t suffer another blow on top of everything they have already lost. “of course, those that lost loved ones and can never change that it's a real sad situation.”