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Giving Tuesday | Non-profits brace for fewer donations

25% of non-profits raise half their yearly donations during the holiday season.

SAN DIEGO — You may be thinking about what charities to donate to for Giving Tuesday. 

Or, you may think, I can't afford it this time.

Nonprofits are bracing themselves for fewer donations due to inflation and other factors.

Still, they remain hopeful.

"The need is getting worse exasperated by the pandemic," said Paul Downey, CEO of Serving Seniors, which provides 1.5 million annual meals, activities, housing assistance, and case management services to seniors all over San Diego county.

Downey says for them and other non-profits, Giving Tuesday is like what Black Friday is for the retail industry.

"For a non-profit like Serving Seniors, our most critical fundraising time is between Thanksgiving and New Year’s," said Downey.

According to the Giving Tuesday organization:

  • -One in 10 Americans participated in Giving Tuesday last year.
  • -The average donation was $147.
  • -82% of all Giving Tuesday participants are 18-34 years old.
  • -One in four nonprofits raises half of their yearly donations during the holidays.

While Downey understands people may not be able to be as generous this year, he wants donors to know no matter the amount, every dollar does count.

“It costs a couple of bucks to feed a senior.  So, if all you can afford is a couple of bucks, for that person who gets that meal, that's important, and you have made an impact,” said Downey.

Other non-profits feel the same.

“I'm just holding a positive attitude that we'll be just fine and everybody will be able to support in a way they can,” said Mia Roseberry, executive director and co-founder of Wounded Warrior Homes, which provides housing and services for post-9/11 veterans.

“This is a huge time of year for us to say we can help you now and continue to help you throughout the rest of the year,” said Roseberry.

Not only is Giving Tuesday big for non-profits but, in many cases, for donors too, who can make twice the impact thanks to matching donations.

Serving Seniors has an anonymous donor who will match all donations.

Donations to the Humane Society will be matched up to $50,000.

Jodie Grenier, CEO of the Foundation for Women Warriors, which serves female veterans and their children, tells CBS8 they have a donor who will match up to $10,000.

“Our organization is the only organization that hyper-focuses on women veterans and their needs. Whether it's $5, $10, or $5000, it's all very impactful,” said Grenier.
Aside from giving money, many organizations have Amazon wish lists you can fill out.

Visit their websites to learn more.

And make sure whoever you're giving to is a reputable organization, so you know your gift is going to the right place.

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