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Caught on camera: Women rip down state mask signs at two North County High Schools

Three women are shown on school surveillance video of taking down state mask guidance signs and putting up their own anti-mask posters at two San Dieguito Union High

ENCINITAS, Calif. — Some parents at San Dieguito High School Academy say they are stunned to learn a group of older women were caught on camera at two local high schools, removing or obscuring state mandated mask signs.

"I am a little surprised, just because this is pretty much the state school policy, I agree that people have their different opinions, but really this is what the school is doing,” said Tom Armentrout, a parent of a freshman and junior at San Dieguito Academy.

Last week, the La Costa Canyon High School cameras spotted three women ripping down the school posters and then next going to San Dieguito Academy, where they put their own signs over school posters. 

San Dieguito Union High School District Communications Coordinator Miquel Jacobs said the women's signs said statements including, "requiring masks was equal to child abuse."

School staff called the police, and the Carlsbad Police Department say they're investigating.

"I do not know these women, and their actions are not affiliated with Let Them Breathe in any way, and their actions are opposed to the intent in the mission of Let Them Breathe,” said Sharon McKeeman, the founder of Let The Breathe.

McKeeman says her organization often gets associated with all anti-mask bad actors. The group is currently suing the California Department of Public Health Department to end the mask mandate in schools.

"There are a lot of frustrations from every side, this is why Let Them Breathe has been focused on putting up more solutions that can be helpful and getting school boards to partner with us,” McKeeman said.

All students and staff are required to wear masks indoors at school per California health guidelines.

"My kids and most of their friends don't have any problem wearing a mask. I've never heard them complain once about 'why do we have to wear a mask,' or that sort of thing," said Armentrout. "It doesn't seem to affect them because their main thing is 'hey I am back in school and able to hang out with my friends.'"

Jacobs said he heard preliminary information that the people responsible for taking down the posters had been caught, but did not have names or any additional information of their current status.

Carlsbad Police said no arrests have been made.

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